swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research institute. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of conflict prevention and conflict transformation.


21 August 2017
Lunch event at swisspeace within the framework of the annual ambassador conference
For the occasion of the annual ambassador assembly in Switzerland, we invited several ambassadors for a lunch and discussions. About 27 ambassadors were present and listened to several presentations concerning conflict prevention and diplomacy illustrated by case studies of Palestine, Sudan and Tanzania.

21 august 2017
Job offer: Junior Program Officer and Senior Researcher (80-100%)
The swisspeace Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact Program strengthens the capabilities of international actors to work effectively in conflict contexts. It contributes to an improved analysis, design, and monitoring and evaluation practice through advisory services and training. To reinforce this program, we are looking for a Junior Program Officer (80-100%) and a Senior Researcher (80-100%).

16 August 2017
Summer School: South Sudan - Lessons for Peace & Conflict Studies, Review
This year our Summer School was dedicated to the case of South Sudan. Together with well known experts, the participants explored how peace and conflict studies contribute to the understanding of conflict dynamics in South Sudan. Looking ahead: the next Summer School in 2018 will put its focus on Colombia's road to peace. More information

24 July 2017
CAS Civilian Peacebuilding Essentials
Get insights in research and practice of civilian peacebuilding and broaden your skills to work in fragile contexts. This course provides a holistic understanding of civilian peacebuilding and is designed for practitioners and academics interested in connecting their experiences with conceptual and pratical knowledge on civilian peacebuilding. More information

13 July 2017
Working Paper 2 | 2017

Huma Haider's working paper entitled "Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Applying Conflict Sensitivity to Transitional Justice" explores the extent to which conflict sensitivity should be applied to transitional justice. Haider identifies tools and mecanisms that could bring conflict sensitivity into processes of transitional justice. Download the paper.

15 June 2017
Annual Report 2016
Get insights into the activities of swisspeace in the year 2016. In this annual report, we are taking you to Myanmar, Tunisia and Colombia to present you our ongoing activities. In that way, we want to illustrate the «light-footprint approach», which guides our work at swisspeace. Read the report in English / German / French

Latest publications

Dominik Balthasar, 2017

State-making at Gunpoint: The Role of Violent Conflict in Somaliland’s March to Statehood

Civil Wars, 19(1): 65-86. Link

Sidonia Gabriel, Anna Leissing, 2017

Frieden? Menschenrechte? Oder doch das Geschäft?

In the framework of the NGO Platform's discussion of the coherence of the Swiss foreign policy we wrote a paper on Peace, Human Rights and Business (in German). The full report can be accessed here.

Stefan Bächtold, 2017

An eclipse of Myanmar’s civil society

Report for the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Download English / German

Huma Haider, 2017

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Applying Conflict Sensitivity to Transitional Justice

swisspeace Working Paper 2 | 2017, Januar 2017, ISBN 978-3-906841-05-2. Order / download.