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10 October 2017
Essential 02/2017 - Mapping Archives for Dealing with the Past Processes

Archives are fundamental for assembling evidence and material to be used by truth commissions and tribunals. Our authors provide in the present Essential an outline of the steps required to plan and execute an archival mapping project. Download / Essential series / Dealing with the Past Program.

04 October 2017
swisspeace Working Paper 3 | 2017

The current issue of the swisspeace working paper series examines the role of mediators as norm entrepreneurs. The authors raise the question whether mediators should promote certain norms and whether mediators actually have the agency to promote these norms. Order / download.

02 October 2017
Job offer: Program Officer (80-100%)
To reinforce our Policy and Platform Program, we are looking for a Program Officer (80-100%).
Closing date for application: 22 October 2017.
Starting date:
01 November 2017 (or by agreement)
More Information.

26 September 2017
The 2017-2018 CAS in «Civilian Peacebuilding Essentials» has started
Participants from three continents started this years CAS in «Civilian Peacebuilding Essentials» course. They improve their knowledge on conflict transformation and broaden their skills to work in fragile contexts. We welcome applications for next year's CAS programs. More information about our courses.

21 September 2017
Bauen für den Frieden? Veranstaltung am Internationalen Tag des Friedens (in German)
Anlässlich des internationalen Tags des Friedens diskutierten swisspeace Direktor Laurent Goetschel und der Basler Architekt Simon Hartmann am 21.September über das Zusammenspiel von Architektur, Konflikt und Frieden in der Aula der Universität Basel. Mehr Informationen.

1 September 2017
à propos - The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine N° 152 | September 2017
The latest issue of apropos magazine highlights the extent to which the exploitation of raw materials can contribute towards peace. The organizations of the Swiss platform for peacebuilding sheds light on the risks and opportunities of the often controversial discussed extractive industry. Access the magazine.

Latest publications

Daniel Maxwell, Rachel Gordon, Leben Moro, Martina Santschi, Philip Dau

Trajectories of International Engagement with State and Local Actors:

Evidence from South Sudan

Article published in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, October 2017, pp. 1-22. Download.

Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Elisabeth Baumgartner

Mapping Archives for Dealing with the Past Processes

swisspeace Essential 2/2017. Download the Essential in English.

Sara Hellmueller, Julia Palmiano Federer, Jamie Pring, 2017

Are Mediators Norm Entrepreneurs? Exploring the Role of Mediators in Norm Diffusion

swisspeace Working Paper 3 | 2017, September 2017, ISBN 978-3-906841-06-9. Order / download.

Sidonia Gabriel, 2017

The Technocracy Trap. Innovation or Technocracy in International Mediation?

Article published in Perspektive Mediation, 3/2017, pp. 153-158. Download.