Basel Peace Forum calls for responsive and responsible leadership for peace


Basel, 16 January 2017

About 120 decision-makers from business, diplomacy, academia and civil society from 20 countries met on 15 and 16 January 2017 in Basel to rethink peace. The discussions led to the recommendations to world leaders to take up responsibility for peace. The «Basel Peace Forum» was organized by the Swiss Peace Foundation. The Canton of Basel-Stadt, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and private donors supported the Forum financially.

Despite many international efforts, setbacks have called earlier successes of peacebuilding into question. The Basel Peace Forum aims to reflect on previous endeavors and inspire new ideas for peace. The participants also have called on world leaders to strengthen responsive and responsible leadership for peace within the United Nations, the G8 or the World Economic Forum.

Three demands to the world leaders

The Basel Peace Forum has formulated three demands for innovative peacebuilding. First, it is crucial to promote specific platforms and mechanisms in order to gather decision-makers from a diverse range of sectors such as business, diplomacy, academia and civil society. Hence, responsive leadership means breaking the silos between the sectors and establishing new partnerships for peace. The Basel Peace Forum has shown that the health sector for example is of key importance for peacebuilding. Second, the Basel Peace Forum calls on the business sector to further engage in peacebuilding. The potential is huge as the example of e-commerce illustrates. It enables confidence-based trade relations across the world and strengthens the transparency of transactions. Third, the double-edged reality of the technological revolution and artificial intelligence should be acknowledged. Responsible leadership harness the potential of artificial intelligence for the prevention of armed conflicts without ignoring the deep social and economic changes it is leading to.

The Basel Peace Forum will take place regularly and shall achieve global importance and reach over the next few years.

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