The swisspeace library is an academic library covering the research needs of the Swiss Peace Foundation and its programs. It is open to the interested public.
The general subject is peace research with a specific focus on conflict studies, peacebuilding and security issues. Among the topics covered are: conflict resolution, world policy, international relations, peacekeeping activities, gender, peace studies, human rights, dealing with the past, development policy, peace and social movements.
The library holdings currently consist of some 4'000 books mainly in German and English languages. The library has also subscribed to or receives in exchange 100 journals, newspapers and current report series. It also has an extensive "grey-area materials" collection and some videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs.

Conditions of Use

By appointment only. Please contact Liliana Rossier at or call 031 330 12 11 for assistance.
For free of charge use of the library become a member of our Support Association.


swisspeace, Sonnenbergstrasse 17, 3000 Bern
swisspeace Academy, G├╝terstrasse 187, 4053 Basel