swisspeace links theory with practice and develops research expertise useful to peacebuilding actors. It has partnerships with scholars and institutes in Africa, Asia and Central America. swisspeace provides university courses and academic teaching at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

Expert Support
swisspeace helps partners and clients to develop and implement peacebuilding projects. This includes strategy development, program design, backstopping support, conflict analysis as well as monitoring & evaluation.

Capacity Building
swisspeace provides capacity building for peacebuilding practitioners. This includes academic trainings, executive and practice-oriented courses. Capacity building also takes place in collaborative learning processes.

Spaces for Dialogue
swisspeace provides multi-stakeholder platforms for exchange, joint analysis, critical debates, and networking in order to find innovative approaches and new strategies to peacebuilding challenges.

swisspeace initiates reflections and shapes academic and political discourse on peace policy issues through conferences, roundtables and workshops.

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