Capacity Building

swisspeace provides capacity building for peacebuilding practitioners. This includes academic trainings, executive and practice-oriented courses on specific topics relevant to peacebuilding, as well as tailor-made trainings and special courses for partner organizations.
Capacity building also takes place in collaborative learning processes on specific context-related topics that draw on the experience and expertise of the participants.

Latest Activities

Mandate for UNAMID, 2017

Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Training

swisspeace  gave a training on Conflict Prevention and Early Warning to staff of the AU/UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). More information

Mandate for Conciliation Resources, 2016-2017

Archives on the Nagorny Karabakh conflict

swisspeace organized together with the British NGO Conciliation Resources a workshop in Georgia with participants from Azerbaijan and Armenia on how to establish a common archive on the Nagorny Karabakh conflict.

13 March - 17 March 2017

Fragility, Conflict & Statebuilding Course

The swisspeace course took place at the University of Basel. It explored how fragility can be countered and statebuilding enhanced to avoid violent conflict. About the course

Center for International Peace Operations ZIF, 2017

Mediation and Diplomacy Coaching

swisspeace, the European Institute for Peace and the UN Standby Mediations Team contributed to a peer coaching for German diplomats and members of parliaments organized by the Centre for International Peace Operations ZIF. More information