swisspeace offers advisory services to governments, bilateral donors, international organizations, Swiss and international NGOs as well as local partner organizations. swisspeace has a track-record of offering state-of-the-art expertise in the following domains:

> Dealing with the Past
> Mediation
> Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact
> Statehood & Conflict
> Business & Peace
> Gender & Peacebuilding

swisspeace supports its partners and clients by providing a broad range of consultancy services, including:


swisspeace provides long-term support to governmental and non-governmental organizations in the form of backstopping mandates. These mandates allow organizations to draw flexibly from swisspeace's peacebuilding expertise to address specific needs over a longer time period.

Policy & Strategy Development

swisspeace assists peacebuilding actors to develop coherent strategies by facilitating participatory processes, conducting needs assessments and drafting policy inputs.

Peace & Conflict Analysis

swisspeace assists its partners in analyzing conflict contexts, opportunities for peacebuilding and the impact of international interventions on a conflict context. swisspeace also facilitates the development of strategies to increase positive impact and avoid negative side effects.

Monitoring & Evaluation

swisspeace strengthens the capacities of governmental, non-governmental and international organizations in the area of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) by developing tailor-made M&E systems, monitoring ongoing peacebuilding programs and implementing mid-term and final evaluations.

Dialogue Processes & Workshop Facilitation

swisspeace facilitates dialogue processes and a broad range of workshops for governmental and non-governmental actors to support the creation of practitioner networks, facilitate the exchange of expertise between theory and practice, and increase collaborative learning.

Capacity Building & Training

swisspeace provides a broad range of capacity building and training activities. It organizes workshops and training courses for decision-makers, project managers, conflict parties, practitioners and local staff. It also provides tailor-made trainings for specific needs and requirements.