Through conferences, forums and workshops, swisspeace initiates reflection and learning processes, and shapes academic and political discourse on peace policy issues at the national and international level. 

Upcoming events

You will find information about upcoming events on our hompage.

Basel Peace Forum

The Basel Peace Forum intends to inspire new and unconventional ideas for peacebuilding. About 120 decision-makers from business, diplomacy, academia and civil society from 20 countries met on 15 and 16 January 2017 in Basel to rethink peace. The discussions led to the recommendations to world leaders to take up responsibility for peace. The next Basel Peace Forum will be in 2018. Learn more

KOFF roundtables

KOFF organizes roundtables, workshops and events on specific countries and topics.

swisspeace events

swisspeace organizes regular events and panel discussions on current and important topics with up-to-date expert analyses.

swisspeace participation in external events

swisspeace researchers and experts also participate as guest speakers in different external events.

Recent Events

ECPR-Conference in Oslo, September 2017

New Insights in the Practice and Research of Transitional Justice

swisspeace was represented by two of its senior staff members at this year's ECRP-Conference in Oslo. Lisa Ott, the co-head of the Dealing with the Past program, spoke about "Using archives to contest official narratives of the past" and Julie Bernath, senior researcher & program officer in the Dealing with the Past program, discussed the subject of "The Politics of Difference in Transitional Justice: Frictions and Meaning Production around the Notion of Genocide in Cambodia". More Information.

9 November 2017

VMZS-Event: Konflikt in Syrien - Einblicke in die Praxis (in German)

Sara Hellmüller, swisspeace Senior Program Officer und Senior Researcher, wird am 9. November an der Hochschule Wirtschaft in Luzern im Rahmen einer Veranstalltung des Vereins Mediation Zentralschweiz (VMZS) über die Thematik "Konflikt in Syrien - Einblicke in die Praxis" referieren. Zeit: 18.15-20.30, Anmeldung erforderlich bis am 27. Oktober 2017 an "". Mehr Informationen.

28-29 Septembre 2017

Seminar: "Aménager le territoire pour

promouvoir la paix en Colombie", Université de Genève (in French/Spanish)

Le directeur de swisspeace, Laurant Goetschel, discutera le 29 septembre à la séance de 16h00-18h00 de ce séminaire de deux jours sur le thème:"Quel rôle pour les Universités? Défis et apports pour la paix". Entrée libre, plus d'informations.

25 August, 2017

KOFF roundtable

KOFF Zentralamerika Rundtisch zum Thema: Guatemala und Honduras: das Schweizer Engagement vor Ort und auf internationaler Ebene.

July 17 - 19, 2017

Third Academic Conference on International Mediation

swisspeace co-organized the third Academic Conference on International Mediation in Rio de Janeiro jointly with the Global South Unit on Mediation and the Centre for Mediation in Africa. Read a summary of the different panels here.

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