Through conferences, forums and workshops, swisspeace initiates reflection and learning processes, and shapes academic and political discourse on peace policy issues at the national and international level. 

Upcoming events

You will find information about upcoming events on our hompage.

swisspeace Annual Conference

The swisspeace Annual Conference is the flagship event and takes place annually in November.

KOFF roundtables

KOFF organizes roundtables, workshops and events on specific countries and topics.

swisspeace events

swisspeace organizes regular events and panel discussions on current and important topics with up-to-date expert analyses.

swisspeace participation in external events

swisspeace researchers and experts also participate as guest speakers in different external events.

Basel Peace Forum

The Basel Peace Forum intends to inspire new and unconventional ideas for peacebuilding. About 120 decision-makers from business, diplomacy, academia and civil society from 20 countries met on 15 and 16 January 2017 in Basel to rethink peace. The discussions led to the recommendations to world leaders to take up responsibility for peace. The next Basel Peace Forum will be in 2018. Learn more

Recent Events

13 June 2016

Aktionsplan zivile Krisenprävention: Stillstand oder Weiterentwicklung?

swisspeace Director Prof Laurent Goetschel provided an input to a puplic expert talk a the German Bundestag on civil crisis prevention, conflict resolution and peace consolidation. Audio recordings available. Link.

2 June 2016

Expert roundtable: Switzerland as safe haven for archives at risk?

The roundtable “Switzerland as safe havens for archives at risk?” was organized by swisspeace in collaboration with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Federal Archives in the scope of the “Archives and Dealing with the Past” project. For more information consult the website or read the report (full version / short version in German and French).

25 May 2016

Conference on Problematizing Reconciliation in Local Contexts and the Role of the International Community

Djané Adou gave an input on “Transitional Justice and National Reconciliation in Côte d’Ivoire: diverging directions and therapies of a crisis” at the conference held by the University of Leiden in the Hague. The conference attempted to deepen the meaning of reconciliation in local contexts and trace the influence of the international community on reconciliation.

10 May 2016

Commons in a "Glocal" world: global connections and local responses

Djané Adou held a presentation with the title "Mining industry and Local Peacebuilding in War-Torn States: the Ity mining and the local governance dynamic in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa" at the University of Bern.

14 April 2016

Junior Diplomat Initiative's Youth Dialogue 2016

swisspeace co-facilitated a workshop on international peace mediation organized by the Junior Diplomat Initiative JDI Switzerland at the Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva. Link.