Through conferences, forums and workshops, swisspeace initiates reflection and learning processes, and shapes academic and political discourse on peace policy issues at the national and international level. 

Upcoming events

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Basel Peace Forum

The Basel Peace Forum, held January 14-15 2018 in Basel, Switzerland, is pursuing peace by bringing together experts and decision-makers from politics, business, civil society, and academia. The handpicked participants will provide a unique set of experiences necessary to develop new ideas and thereby make a difference. Learn more

KOFF roundtables

KOFF organizes roundtables, workshops and events on specific countries and topics.

swisspeace events

swisspeace organizes regular events and panel discussions on current and important topics with up-to-date expert analyses.

swisspeace participation in external events

swisspeace researchers and experts also participate as guest speakers in different external events.

Recent Events

15 November 2007

The Situation of Civil Society Organizations in Sudan

KOFF roundtable on Sudan.

13 November 2007

Environmental Peacebuilding: Managing Natural Resource Conflicts in a Changing World

Over the past decade, natural resources have attracted considerable attention as a source of violent conflicts worldwide. Drawing on four years of research conducted within the framework of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South, swisspeace invited international experts from the scientific and development communities to explore the links between renewable natural resources and conflicts. The conference also looked into challenges and best practices for the peaceful management of water and land in developing countries in Africa, South America and Central Asia. Conference Paper.

29 October 2007

Sudan's Peace Negotiations and the Sharing of (Oil) Resources

KOFF roundtable on Sudan with Marina Peter. 

12 September 2007

Switzerland's commitments in Guatemala and the West Balkans

KOFF roundtable on Guatemala and South-Eastern Europe with Geri Müller (National councilor and vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Commission) and Stephan Husy (FDFA).

22 June 2007

Dealing with the Past in Kosovo

KOFF roundtable on South-Eastern Europe with Roland Salvisberg (FDFA) and Jonathan Sisson (KOFF).