Through conferences, forums and workshops, swisspeace initiates reflection and learning processes, and shapes academic and political discourse on peace policy issues at the national and international level. 

Upcoming events

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Basel Peace Forum

The Basel Peace Forum, held January 14-15 2018 in Basel, Switzerland, is pursuing peace by bringing together experts and decision-makers from politics, business, civil society, and academia. The handpicked participants will provide a unique set of experiences necessary to develop new ideas and thereby make a difference. Learn more

KOFF roundtables

KOFF organizes roundtables, workshops and events on specific countries and topics.

swisspeace events

swisspeace organizes regular events and panel discussions on current and important topics with up-to-date expert analyses.

swisspeace participation in external events

swisspeace researchers and experts also participate as guest speakers in different external events.

Recent Events

21 June 2007

Ruling of the International Court of Justice on genocide in South Eastern Europe

KOFF roundtable on South-Eastern Europe and Dealing with the Past with Robert Kolb (University of Neuchâtel) and Madeleine Rees (OHCHR).

07 November 2006

Dealing with the Past in Post-Conflict Societies - The Years after the Peace Accords in Guatemala and Bosnia- Herzegovina

Dealing with a legacy of human rights violations is one of the most difficult challenges facing any society in the aftermath of violent conflict. A decade after internationally mediated peace agreements ended wars in Guatemala and Bosnia-Herzegovina, both countries continue to struggle with a culture of impunity and violence. The conference addressed the following key questions: What lessons can be learned about the effectiveness of transitional justice mechanisms in dealing with the past? How does a society learn to live with the memory of genocide? And how can external actors contribute to the process of reconciliation? Conference Paper.

12 October 2006

Worsening of the situation and revival of the Taliban movement

KOFF Afghanistan Roundtable with Conrad Schetter (University of Bonn).

09 March 2006

Mediation and Facilitation as Tools in Conflict Transformation: A Mexican Case Study

KOFF and MSP roundtable on Mexico with Dolores Gonzáles (SERAPAZ).

27 January 2005

Corruption and economic reform in Angola

KOFF roundtable on Angola with Nick Shaxson (Economist Intelligence Unit).