swisspeace provides long-term institutional and thematic support to governmental and non-governmental organizations in the form of backstopping mandates. These mandates allow organizations to draw flexibly from swisspeace's peacebuilding expertise to address specific institutional and thematic needs .

Recent Mandates

Project funded by DFID, the Swiss FDFA and the Embassy of Canada, 2016-2018

Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility South Sudan

swisspeace together with Saferworld and CDA have been implementing the Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility (CSRF) to develop and test innovative approaches to conflict sensitivity in order to support the use of conflict sensitivity in donor strategies and programs in South Sudan. Several conflict sensitivity trainings and coaching have been organized. Project website; Research repository

Human Security Division of the FDFA, 2016-2017

Support to Swiss embassies in the area of business and peace

swisspeace has been supporting embassies of Switzerland around the world to accompany Swiss companies in conducting conflict-sensitive business in developing and fragile countries.

Mandate for the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, 2016-2017

Mainstreaming Conflict Sensitivity in Development Cooperation

swisspeace has been supporting SDC Country Offices in West Africa (Benin, Mali and Chad) in mainstreaming conflict sensitivity in strategy development, reviews and program management.

Mandate for United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Syria, 2016-2017

Civil Society Support Room

swisspeace and NOREF have been implementing partners of the United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Syria by facilitating the participation of civil society in the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva through the Civil Society Support Room. The main objective of this Room is to render the peace process more inclusive.

Mandate for the Federal Foreign Office, 2016

Civil Society Experts Workshops on OSCE Human Dimension and Multi-Dimensional Issues as well as OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference

swisspeace accompanies the German OSCE Chairmanship in 2016 by supporting projects on Human Dimension and Multi-Dimensional Issues in view of the annual OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference hosted by Germany in Hamburg in December 2016. Parallel to this event, swisspeace has organized various workshops in close cooperation with the Civic Solidarity Platform.

Mandate for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and UNDP, 2015-2016 (Kopie 1)

Promoting Palestinian Reconciliation

PalThink for Strategic Studies and the Birzeit University have facilitated meetings between Palestinian NGOs about their role in the Palestinian reconciliation process with the support of swisspeace and UNDP.

Mandate for EEAS, 2015

Mediation Support for the Peace Process in Mali

In October and November 2015, swisspeace supported the EU Delegation in Mali which is leading one of the sub-committees of the implementation of the peace accord signed in Algiers.

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