As a peace research institute, swisspeace scientists seek to understand the causes of wars and violent conflicts, and to formulate conflict mitigation and peacebuilding strategies. Research at swisspeace aims to lay the ground for policy-making in peacebuilding on the one hand, and to contribute to academic debates on peace and conflict research as well as to disseminate practice-oriented results on the other. In addition, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches based on partnerships with academics worldwide, particularly in the South, are key principles of research at swisspeace.

Latest Activities

22 January 2016

Opportunities and challenges businesses face in Myanmar

swisspeace Associate Expert Rina Alluri provided an input to the Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG) “Business in Asia” students. The purpose of this seminar is to evaluate the gradual opening of the Burmese economy, raise market awareness, identify business opportunities, promote networks, and anticipate future potential following the autumn 2015 democratic election in Myanmar.

Mandate for Search for Common Ground SFCG, 2016

Women’s inclusion in the Syrian Peace Process

swisspeace has conducted a research mandate to produce a base-line study commissioned by Search for Common Ground (SFCG).

Project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, 2015-2018

Are Mediators Norm Entrepreneurs?

This three-year research project coordinated by Prof. Laurent Goetschel and Dr. Sara Hellmüller explores the role of norms in peace mediation. Julia Palmiano Federer and Jamie Pring are writing their PhDs at the University of Basel as part of this project. More information.

Project within the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC), 2013-2016

Researching Livelihoods and Services Affected by Conflict

swisspeace researcher Martina Santschi is conducting a research for the project Researching Livelihoods and Services Affected by Conflict together with Overseas Development Institute and the Feinstein International Center (Tufts University) with a particular focus on South Sudan.

26 - 29 August 2015

ECPR General Conference

swisspeace PhD candidate Julie Bernath co-convened the Human Rights and Transitional Justice (TJ) section of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) at the General Conference of the University of Montreal. Senior researcher Briony Jones presented her research on Côte d'Ivoire. More information