As a peace research institute, swisspeace scientists seek to understand the causes of wars and violent conflicts and to formulate conflict mitigation and peacebuilding strategies.

Research at swisspeace aims to lay the ground for policy-making in peacebuilding on the one hand, and to contribute to academic debates on peace and conflict research as well as to the dissemination of results towards practice on the other.

Besides policy relevance, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches based on partnerships with academics worldwide, particularly in the South, are key principles of research at swisspeace.

Latest Activities

03 April 2014

EPLO Civil Society Dialogue Network Policy Meeting

Elisabeth Baumgartner participated in the conference "Towards an EU Policy on Transitional Justice" organized by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office in Bruxelles. More information.

03 April 2014

New Deal, Civil Society and Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

Sidonia Gabriel participated in a panel discussion at the Austrian Peacebuilding Platform.

30 March - 02 April 2014

Conference on National Dialogue and Mediation Processes

Sara Hellmüller participated in a mediation conference on "peace processes in fragile states, national dialogues and mediation" in Helsinki, with a special focus on Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. Link.

29 March 2014

The Transformation of Intractable Conflicts

Sidonia Gabriel gave an input at a three-day conference on interactive problem solving held at Harvard University. Program.

20-21 March 2014

Reconfiguring Landscapes and Bio-cultural Frontiers

Martina Santschi participated in this symposium organized by the British Institute in Eastern Africa in Nairobi.