As a peace research institute, swisspeace scientists seek to understand the causes of wars and violent conflicts and to formulate conflict mitigation and peacebuilding strategies.

Research at swisspeace aims to lay the ground for policy-making in peacebuilding on the one hand, and to contribute to academic debates on peace and conflict research as well as to the dissemination of results towards practice on the other.

Besides policy relevance, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches based on partnerships with academics worldwide, particularly in the South, are key principles of research at swisspeace.

Latest Activities

22-26 June 2014

Conference on Inclusive Peacemaking

swisspeace expert Rachel Gasser participated in a conference on inclusive peacemaking in Washington, D.C.

23-24 June 2014

Responsible Extractives Summit

Andrea Iff participated at the "Responsible Extractives Summit" in London organized by Ethical Corporation.

Mandate for UN Women, 2014

Research project on women, peace and security in Myanmar

swisspeace is conducting a 6 months research project on women, peace and security in Myanmar. This project is a joint initiative between swisspeace, the Gender and Development Initiative (GDI) and UN Women.

07 June 2014

The Impact of Foreign Private Sector Activities on Peacebuilding in South Sudan

swisspeace expert Andrea Iff gave an input on positive and negative consequences of foreign business activities on peacebuilding in South Sudan at a conference on "Agricultural Development, Business Enterprise, Oil, Finance and Economic Development in the Two Sudans" in London. Link.

27-28 May 2014

Anti-Corruption Agencies in Post-conflict Contexts: An Analytical Framework

Paper presented by Sergio Gemperle at the third ISP Network Conference in Geneva.