swisspeace academic publications include background papers and articles in a wide range of scientific journals, anthologies ans swisspeace's own publication series, the working papers.


Recent Publications

Rachel Gasser, Julia Palmiano Federer, Danielle Furgler, 2017

Perspectives on the Myanmar Peace Process 2011-2015

swisspeace, Bern 2016. This publication contains a collection of narrative insights of five national peace process actors and in-depth reflections on the Myanmar Peace Process. Read the full publication in English / Burmese.

CSRF Briefing Paper, 2017

Findings around conflict sensitivity and food aid in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal

Our researcher Martina Santschi was involved in the publication of this briefing paper analyzing the matters of conflict sensitivity and food aid in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State in South Sudan. Read the full report here.

Jamie Pring, 2017

Including or Excluding Civil Society? The Role of the Mediation Mandate for South Sudan (2013–2015) and Zimbabwe (2008–2009)

Article published in African Security, 2017, pp . 1-16. Link.

Dominik Balthasar, 2017

State-making at Gunpoint: The Role of Violent Conflict in Somaliland’s March to Statehood

Article published in Civil Wars, 19(1), pp. 65-86. Link

Mathias Zeller, 2017

Frieden in Kolumbien: Eine Aufgabe für Insider MediatorInnen

Article published in Perspektive Mediation, 3/2017, pp. 159-165.