Spaces for Dialogue

swisspeace provides multi-stakeholder platforms for exchange, joint analysis, critical debates, and networking in order to find innovative approaches and new strategies to peacebuilding challenges.
This includes the exchange between peacebuilding actors, researchers and practitioners frm different sectors including peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, development cooperation and the security sector, as well as between conflict parties and those affected by conflict. Our role is to provide spaces to facilitate dialogue processes and, if needed, to support these with internal and external expertise.

Latest Activities

Project funded by FDFA, 2015

Russia-Ukraine Dialogue Project

swisspeace has begun its dialogue project 'Fostering civil society dialogue between Russia and Ukraine'. After analyzing the consequences of the armed conflicts at a grassroots level, two transnational meetings were held in Istanbul. With ongoing conflict and official negotiations in deadlock, the project plans to initiate or support transnational dialogue initiatives in specific areas.

Project funded by Finn Church Aid, 2015

Peace Assets Inside Syria

swisspeace, along with Conflict Dynamics International, and Finn Church Aid are conducting a study to enhance the visibility of peace assets inside Syria. This study aims to increase the knowledge about the diverse perceptions of conflict and peace amongst Syrians, as well as shed light on peacebuilding activities in various geographical areas inside the country.

Initiative by Swiss NGOs, 2014-2016

Swiss Forum on Human Rights and Peace in Guatemala

The Swiss Forum on Human Rights and Peace in Guatemala (Foro Suizo) is a joint initiative of Swiss NGOs working in and on Guatemala and constitutes the Swiss representation within the International Platform against Impunity in Guatemala. Founded in 2014 and initially coordinated by KOFF, the Foro Suizo aims at promoting human rights, peace and justice in Guatemala by strengthening cooperation and coordination among Swiss NGOs, as well as with the Swiss Government. It allows for joint analysis, strategies and action regarding the structural root causes of human rights abuses and conflict in Guatemala, and provides visibility and a stronger voice to local and international peacebuilding and human rights actors and initiatives. 

Mandate for the Canton of Basel-Stadt, 2014

Swiss OSCE Chairmanship 2014: public program in Basel

swisspeace has coordinated a public program on peace and security ahead of the annual OSCE Ministerial Council meeting hosted by Switzerland in Basel in December 2014. The program included the photo exhibition Making Peace, public debates, guided city tours ("Basel City of Peace") or cultural performances.

Ja Nan Lahtaw, Nang Raw Zahkung, Nang Shan Lahpai, 2014

Civil Society Contributions to Myanmar’s Peace Process

swisspeace Catalyzing Reflection, 3|2014. Download.