Spaces for Dialogue

swisspeace provides multi-stakeholder platforms for exchange, joint analysis, critical debates, and networking in order to find innovative approaches and new strategies to peacebuilding challenges.
This includes the exchange between peacebuilding actors, researchers and practitioners frm different sectors including peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, development cooperation and the security sector, as well as between conflict parties and those affected by conflict. Our role is to provide spaces to facilitate dialogue processes and, if needed, to support these with internal and external expertise.

Latest Activities

Min Zaw Oo, 2014

Understanding Myanmar’s Peace Process: Ceasefire Agreements

swisspeace Catalyzing Reflection, 2|2014. English version. Myanmar version.

Salai Isaac Khen and Muk Yin Haung Nyoi, 2014

Looking at the Current Peace Process in Myanmar through a Gender Lens

swisspeace Catalyzing Reflection, 1|2014. English version. Myanmar version.

Mandate for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, 2013-2014 (Kopie 1)

Swiss OSCE Chairmanship 2014: strengthening OSCE dialogue with civil society

swisspeace has accompanied the Swiss OSCE Chairmanship in 2014 by supporting projects to strengthen OSCE dialogue with civil society in view of the annual OSCE Ministerial Council meeting hosted by Switzerland in Basel in December 2014. Parallel to this event, swisspeace has organized a civil society conference in close cooperation with the Civic Solidarity Platform. In order to facilitate domestic dialogue, swisspeace has worked closely with the Swiss NGO Working Group for the OSCE, which is coordinated by

Project funded by the Human Security Division of the FDFA, 2013

Northern Kosovo Socio-Economic Dialog Project

The project attempts to establish a dialog process with local civil society actors and citizens from all communities in Northern Kosovo. The first phase identified the relevant economic and social problems with a bottom-up approach. As a result the forest was detected as a key factor. A first roundtable gathered successful forester, engineer and forest owners. Further roundtables will follow. 

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