N° 152 September 2017

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Extractive industries and peacebuilding


For a long time, debates on extractive activities have considered that these have been the cause of conflict, a kind of scourge which traps societies in a cycle of violence and poverty. Without denying the problems and major risks posed by these activities to peace and human rights, this magazine on extractive industries and peacebuilding attempts to shed light on the subject in a new way. Starting with the assumption that economic development is necessary if lasting peace is to be achieved, it aims to show how and to what extent the exploitation of raw materials can contribute towards peace. Using various examples of projects led by civil society organizations and Swiss administration, it offers new perspectives and innovative approaches to dealing with this sensitive issue.

It is with this issue that I say goodbye to you. After three and a half years of being in charge of editing the KOFF magazine, I am now going to dedicate myself to new professional activities. I would like to thank you for your interest and your numerous messages of support.

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