N° 149
February 2017

An exciting, new database about peace agreements was recently made available online. “Language of Peace” is a virtual archive that provides access to and allows for comparison of thousands of peace agreement provisions. As well as the usual search criteria such as region, language, or period of time, specific aspects of peacebuilding can be searched for (such as ceasefire agreement or human rights), making the website very user-friendly.

The value added by the website is particularly clear when it comes to Colombia. It has made the innovative Havana peace deal accessible in a simple form, which could be useful for future negotiations. At the same time, it will be possible to precisely analyze the older, failed Colombian peace process agreements with a view to avoiding their shortcomings in future.

The project was created by a research team at the University of Cambridge and the UN Mediation Support Unit and has the particular aim of inspiring conflict parties and peace mediators. Take a look for yourself!