BEFORE - Action to Prevent Political Violence

BEFORE supports local action to consolidate peace in Guinea. Currently, BEFORE implements the following projects:

  • The project “Judicial Reform: Empowering Magistrate-Civil Society Collaboration for Guinea’s New Democratic Future” aims to create a stronger voice for civil society interests within the broader judicial reform process currently underway in Guinea. The key mechanism for facilitating this process is to establish an inclusive and representative joint civil society-judicial platform for judicial reform. The local project partners are : the Regional Council of Civil Society Organizations in Conakry and Kankan and the Association of Magistrates, Judiciary Documentation and Training Center Guinea.
  • The project “Participation of Women in Local Political Decision Making Processes“ develops and strengthens women’s leadership capacities to act effectively in the political sphere. The local project partner is the Guinean Association for the Involvement of Women in Electoral Processes and Governance (AGUIFPEG).