Evaluation & Learning

Main issues and key questions
Evaluation is different from monitoring in that is does not constitute an ongoing process. It can be defined as "the use of social science methods to assess the quality and value of a peacebuilding intervention". swisspeace's focus lies on methodological as well as practical questions of evaluation.

Key questions are:
How can we get to an evaluation approach that is methodologically satisfactory and remaining practicable?
In what aspects are peacebuilding evaluations different from evaluations in other fields?
To what extent is it feasible and/or necessary to measure the impact of peacebuilding work?
How can both upwards (donors) and downwards (beneficiaries) accountability be strengthened in peacebuilding and evaluation practice?
How can an organization engage in a process towards an improved evaluation practice?

Some key Resources

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Guidance on Evaluating Conflict prevention and Peacebuilding Activities
Working Draft for application period. download

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