KOFF - Center for Peacebuilding
KOFF helps its member organizations to develop their peacebuilding capacities, and is a networking platform for state and non-state peacebuilding actors.

BEFORE - Action to Prevent Violence
BEFORE aims at preventing violence in politically unstable countries by linking early warning signals with peacebuilding strategies.

Mediation Support Project
This project provides support for mediators and conflict parties in peace processes through trainings, networking encounters and negotiation / mediation workshops.

Humanitarian Dialogue
The main goal of this project is to strengthen security for the civilian population of North Caucasus by helping in the search for missing persons and the rehabilitation of conflict victims.

NCCR North-South
This project promotes sustainable development through an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers and research institutes.

Archives and Dealing with the Past
The project contributes to preserving archives and records of human rights violation and making them accessible.

swisspeace Business conflict check
The swisspeace Business Conflict Check (sBCC) assists business leaders in analyzing the political risk environment and defining strategies to cope with challenges arising from conflict.

Previous Projects