Central America and Colombia

swisspeace has developed expertise in Central America and Colombia through various consultancy mandates. For example, swisspeace has advised the Colombian General Attorney's Office on regarding archives relevant to transitional justice and dealing with Colombia's violent past. Further, swisspeace provides a platform for the exchange of civil society actors from the region in order to create a dialogue about the experiences of different peace processes.
KOFF the Swiss platform for peacebuilding has organized regular roundtables on Colombia and Central America, bringing together representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as academia, to share experiences and lessons learned from the field.

Latest Activities and Publications

swissinfo, 4 April 2017

"Arrecian paramilitarización y asesinatos en Colombia"

swissinfo wrote an article on the Colombian peace process and mentioned swisspeace's valuable contribution of offering a platform for the exchange of ideas with regards to the peace process in Guatemala 10 years ago. Read. (Spanish)

March, 2017

Police Archives and Dealing with the Past

In the framework of the project “Archives & Dealing with the Past”, funded by the Swiss FDFA, swisspeace organized a workshop for the Colombian Police on international experiences of Police Archives and Dealing with the Past.

Human Security Division of the FDFA, 2017

Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Together with the Colombian Center for Historical Memory, swisspeace organized a workshop for the future Special Jurisdiction for Peace in view of planning their records management.

Human Security Division of the FDFA, 2016-2017

Archives for transitional justice in Colombia

The project has been supported the Colombian Attorney General’s Office regarding the archives relevant for transitional justice. In this framework, swisspeace has conducted several visits and has provided advice.

23 March 2017

KOFF roundtable on "Peace Agreement in Colombia: What do we learn from Guatemala?"

KOFF discussed the lessons that could be learned from Guatemala's peace process 20 years ago for the ongoing process in Columbia. Civil society representatives from Guatemala and Colombia shared their experience and concluded that it is crucial for the international community not to leave a country after the signing of a peace agreement but to stay and accompany the process further in order to protect vicitms and human rights activits in the long run. Media report (in Spanish).

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