Horn of Africa (South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia)

The Horn of Africa is a strategic focus region. swisspeace has worked in partnerships with national partner organizations. swisspeace has conducted research and implemented various mandates related to Statehood in the Horn of Africa. The focus of the regional program lies on South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Latest Activities and Publications

Project funded by Swissuniversities, 2017

EFORD: Education for Development - Linking academic institutions for peace

swisspeace is in the lead of this swissuniversities project, which aims at improving academic and vocational education of researchers and professionals who work on and in development and conflict-affected contexts. Visit swissuniversities for more information and a list of all partnering institution. Download project summary.

CSRF Briefing Paper, 2017

Findings around conflict sensitivity and food aid in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal

Our researcher Martina Santschi was involved in the publication of this briefing paper analyzing the matters of conflict sensitivity and food aid in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State in South Sudan. Read the full report here.

Jamie Pring, 2017

Including or Excluding Civil Society? The Role of the Mediation Mandate for South Sudan (2013–2015) and Zimbabwe (2008–2009)

Article published in African Security, 2017, pp . 1-16. Link.

Dominik Balthasar, 2017

State-making at Gunpoint: The Role of Violent Conflict in Somaliland’s March to Statehood

Article published in Civil Wars, 19(1), pp. 65-86. Link

Leben Moro, Martina Santschi, Rachel Gordon, Philip Dau and Daniel Maxwell, 2017

Statebuilding and legitimacy: experiences of South Sudan

SLRC Research Report. More information and download

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