Sri Lanka

swisspeace has developed expertise on Sri Lanka through research and consultancy mandates, in particular related to Business & Peace and Dealing with the Past

Latest Activities and Publications

18 september 2015

KOFF Roundtable on the Current Context in Sri Lanka: Opportunities & Challenges Ahead

This KOFF Sri Lanka Roundtable aimed at providing a space for exchange on the current context, on opportunities and challenges ahead, as well as on the outcomes and potential of initiatives to support a peaceful transformation of the conflict. Programme.

8 June 2015

Human Rights in Tourism Roundtable: Discussion on Sri Lanka

Rina Alluri from swisspeace attended the multi-stakeholder Menschenrechte im Tourismus/Human Rights in Tourism Roundtable event in Frankfurt that focused on the role of tourism in human rights and conflict sensitivity in Sri Lanka. More information.

11-12 December 2014

Role of local business in post-war Sri Lanka

Rina Alluri presented a paper at the Sri Lanka Roundtable organized by the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

10 December 2014

The Politics of Peace and Conflict: The Role of Local Business in Sri Lanka

Rina Alluri was a Guest Speaker at the Research in Progress Seminar at the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands. More information

21 November 2014

Sri Lanka Lecture Series

swisspeace expert Rina Alluri took part in the Sri Lanka Lecture Series at University of Heidelberg with a paper about „The Politics of Peace and Conflict: The Role of Local Business in Sri Lanka“. More information

03 - 07 November 2014

Asian Exchange Meeting

swisspeace, together with Impunity Watch and Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), organised an Asian Exchange Meeting on “Memorialisation as an Alternative or Complementary Transitional Justice Measure – Exchange and Policy Development in Asia” in Bangkok, including civil society organisations and victims’ groups from several Asian countries. More information.

Anna Leissing, 2014

Implementation of the Swiss Guidelines on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

KOFF Essential, 3|2014. Download.

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