Transversal topics

Gender & Peacebuilding

Women, children and men all suffer from the repercussions of war. However, they are affected in different ways. swisspeace is committed to ensuring that these differences are taken into account during peace processes.

Conflict Sensitivity

All actors in fragile and conflict-affected situations must ensure that their interventions do not inadvertently increase existing socio-political tensions. Moreover, they should make use of any potentialities that exist to strengthen social cohesion, peace and the transition out of fragility.

swisspeace Topics


Third parties play an important role in facilitating dialogue between conflict parties. swisspeace offers advice to mediators involved in talks, strengthening their negotiation skills. swisspeace offers direct support in mediation processes.

Dealing with the Past

Dealing with the Past is challenging for societies after a war or dictatorship. Human rights abuses must be addressed to allow for sustainable peace. swisspeace shows how such processes can be designed.


Statebuilding processes and armed conflicts impact each other. swisspeace researches statehood in fragile countries and supports partners in their efforts to create state structures that promote peace.

Business & Peace

Businesses in conflict-affected regions are part of conflict dynamics. swisspeace advises companies with an international presence on how they can integrate conflict sensitivity into economic activity. swisspeace examines the role of large corporations in conflicts with a view to supporting constructive private sector engagement.

Policy & Platform

Peacebuilding practitioners and partners from different domains including development cooperation, humanitarian aid and the security sector need spaces to discuss burning issues, to develop transformative thinking and to define action for change.

Analysis & Impact

Peacebuilding interventions are only effective when they take into account context-specific realities and do not create unintended negative consequences. Conflict-sensitive and impact-oriented program design is a key competence of swisspeace.

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