Dealing with the Past

Finding a way to deal with a violent past – including human rights violations - after a civil war, authoritarian regime or occupation is often argued to be the basis for sustainable peace, democracy and rule of law. swisspeace puts a spotlight on the potentials and challenges of these processes.


Third parties play an important role in facilitating dialog between opposing sides in an armed conflict, helping them to identify ways to achieve a sustainable, peaceful coexistence. swisspeace accompanies and advises mediators in peace processes and provides training in mediation techniques and skills.

Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact

Peacebuilding interventions are effective when they are thoroughly adapted to the specific conflict context and avoid unintentional negative side effects. swisspeace helps organizations to develop conflict-sensitive, effective country strategies.

Statehood & Conflict

Conflicts are part and parcel of any statebuilding process. swisspeace conducts research on state practices in conflict contexts with a view to understanding how new forms of statehood emerge as a result of negotiation processes between local, national and international actors.

Further Topics

swisspeace also works on topical issues, on a short- or long-term basis, in the fields of Business & Peace and Gender & Peacebuilding.

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