Dealing with the Past

Dealing with the Past is a great challenge in countries that have experienced violent conflict or dictatorships. Human rights violations must be addressed if a peace process is to be effective. swisspeace shows how to make such processes sustainable and context specific.


The involvement of a third party in an armed conflict can play an important role in order to facilitate a dialog between conflict parties and to identify ways for a sustainable, peaceful coexistence. swisspeace accompanies and advises mediators in peace processes and provides training in mediation techniques and skills.

Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact

Peacebuilding interventions are effective when they are thoroughly adapted to the existing context and avoid unintentional negative side effects. swisspeace helps organizations to develop conflict-sensitive and effective country strategies.

Statehood & Conflict

State building processes and conflicts mutually interact. swisspeace conducts research on state practices in conflict contexts in order to understand how new forms of statehood emerge as a result of negotiation processes between local, national and international actors.

Further Topics

swisspeace works on other related timely topics on a short or long term basis, such as 
Business & Peace and Gender & Peacebuilding.

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