Analysis & Impact

Working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts poses numerous challenges for international development and peacebuilding actors. Recurring cycles of violence, multiple emergencies, weak state legitimacy and state-society relations are all factors that call for an adapted work approach by actors engaged in such contexts. The swisspeace Analysis & Impact Program contributes to improved analysis, strategy development and monitoring and evaluation practice by supporting organizations to assess - and ultimately increase - the effectiveness and positive impact of their peacebuilding and development interventions, and to minimize negative side effects.

Latest Activities and Publications

Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, 2016

Online Conflict Sensitivity Course

swisspeace designed and implemented an online conflict sensitivity course for SDC.

Sabina Handschin, Eric Abitol, Rina Alluri (EDS.), 2016

Conflict Sensitivity: Taking it to the Next Level

swisspeace Working Paper 2 | 2016, June 2016, ISBN 978-3-906841-00-7. Order / download.

Andrea Iff, 2016

Le projet du code des collectivités locales: approche "sensibilité aux conflits"

This report was commissioned by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, based on a workshop by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) on decentralization in Tunisia. Full report.

Mandate for Nyein (Shalom) Foundation, 2016

Supporting Policy-Relevant Research

In February and April 2016, swisspeace expert Stefan Bächtold supported the Nyein (Shalom) Foundation in Myanmar in a research project collecting data on community perspectives in all seven states.

20 May 2016

Workshop on the "Mobilization of Financial Resources and Marketing" in Rwanda

swisspeace  facilitated a workshop on „mobilization of financial ressources“ and „marketing“ for the Rwandan peace building network “Noyau de Paix” within the framework of a CARITAS mandate.