Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact

Working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts poses numerous challenges for international development and peacebuilding actors. Recurring cycles of violence, multiple emergencies, weak state legitimacy and state-society relations are all factors that call for an adapted work approach by actors engaged in such contexts. The swisspeace Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact Program contributes to improved analysis, strategy development and monitoring and evaluation practice by supporting organizations to assess - and ultimately increase - the effectiveness and positive impact of their peacebuilding and development interventions, and to minimize negative side effects.

Latest Activities and Publications

03-04 November 2015

Conflict Sensitivity Course

swisspeace staff conducted a conflict sensitivity course for SOS Kinderdorf in Bern.

26-27 October 2015

CSC-Hub Working Group Meeting

From 26-27 October , KOFF/swisspeace hosted the Conflict Sensitivity Community - Hub (CSC-Hub) Working Group, bringing together experts from 14 international organizations that are working on conflict sensitivity. This initiative aims at convening the conflict sensitivity community for joint learning, evidence building and for promoting conflict sensitivity at policy and operational levels.

Mandate for Noyau de Paix, 2015

Institutional capacity building of the Rwandan peacebuilding platform Noyau de Paix

In September 2015, swisspeace staff conducted a three-day training in Rwanda as part of a shared learning process between swisspeace/ KOFF, CARITAS and Noyau de Paix.

Stefan B├Ąchtold, 2015

The rise of an anti-politics machinery: peace, civil society and the focus on results in Myanmar

In: Third World Quarterly, 2015. Link

Mandate for SRC, 2015

Backstopping Mandate for the Swiss Red Cross

swisspeace supports the SRC in its internal learning process on "working in fragile contexts". A conflict sensitivity Training for the staff of the SRC and its partners was conducted in Bangladesh in April 2015; and a 4-day Conflict Sensitivity Program Management (CSPM) workshop was conducted in Haiti in July 2015.