Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact

Working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts poses numerous challenges for international development and peacebuilding actors. Recurring cycles of violence, multiple emergencies, weak state legitimacy and state-society relations are all factors that call for an adapted work approach by actors engaged in such contexts. The swisspeace Peacebuilding Analysis & Impact Program contributes to improved analysis, strategy development and monitoring and evaluation practice by supporting organizations to assess - and ultimately increase - the effectiveness and positive impact of their peacebuilding and development interventions, and to minimize negative side effects.

Latest Activities and Publications

15 October 2014

The KOFF training course on "Taking Action - Designing Effective Peacebuilding Projects”

has just started. This KOFF training is also part of the CAS in Peacebuilding Methodologies.

30 September - 02 October 2014

International Expert Retreat on Conflict Sensitivity

An International Expert Retreat on “Taking conflict sensitivity to the next level” was organised by swisspeace KOFF in collaboration with swisspeace Business & Peace. Read the Reflection Note. Wrap up of the retreat.

Heinz Krummenacher and Albrecht Schnabel, 2014

Towards a Human Security Based Early-Warning and Response System.

In: A. Schnabel and Y. Pedrazzini. Operationalizing Human Security. Concept, Analysis, Application. Cahier du laSur 20, EPFL Lausanne, 2014. Download.

Mandate for United Nations Development Programme, 2013-2014

Reintegration of Fatah officials into the employment market

Mandate for UNDP in the West Bank and Gaza.

Sidonia Gabriel, 2014

Human Rights and Peacebuilding

In: M. Nowak, U. Werther-Pietsch (ed.). All Human Rights for All. Vienna Guidebook on Peaceful and Inclusive Societies. Graz, Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag: 89-99. Link.