Impact & Analysis Publications

Stefan Bächtold, 2017

An eclipse of Myanmar’s civil society

Report for the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Download English / German

Joshua Rogers, 2016

Civil War and State Formation: Exploring Linkages and Potential Causality

swisspeace Working Paper 3 | 2016, June 2016, ISBN 978-3-906841-01-4. Order / download.

Sabina Handschin, Eric Abitol, Rina Alluri (Eds.), 2016

Conflict Sensitivity: Taking it to the Next Level

swisspeace Working Paper 2 | 2016, June 2016, ISBN 978-3-906841-00-7. Order / download.

Andrea Iff, 2016

Le projet du code des collectivités locales: approche "sensibilité aux conflits"

This report was commissioned by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, based on a workshop by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) on decentralization in Tunisia. Full report.

Jolyon Ford, 2016

Promoting Conflict-Sensitive Business Activity during Peacebuilding

swisspeace Working Paper, 1 | 2016, April 2016, ISBN 978-3-908230-99-1. Order / download.

Stefan Bächtold, 2015

The rise of an anti-politics machinery: peace, civil society and the focus on results in Myanmar

In: Third World Quarterly, 2015. Link

Sara Hellmüller, Corinne von Burg and Mathias Zeller, 2014

Can Mediation Do Harm? Conflict Sensitivity in International Peace Negotiations

swisspeace Essential 4|2014. Download.

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