Business & Peace

The overarching goal of the swisspeace Business & Peace Program is to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between the activities of business actors, conflict prevention and conflict transformation. The Business & Peace team conducts research and generates knowledge on the potentials and limitations of business engagement in peacebuilding. Our strategies and guidelines for the private sector enable the inclusion of business actors in conflict prevention and transformation efforts in a constructive way. We cooperate closely with the Business Advisory Board of swisspeace, which includes representatives from companies of different sectors, branches and sizes. We assist companies in identifying the conflict-related risks of their operations and in developing adequate conflict sensitive business practices. In academic and policy-oriented workshops and roundtables, we advance domestic and international debates and build/raise awareness of the need for conflict sensitivity in the business sector.

Latest Activities and Publications

22 June 2015

Promoting conflict sensitive business practice: Reflections on experiences

Andreas Graf presented on swisspeace’s work on business and peace at the event, co-organized by the Quakers United Nations Office and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. More information.

8 June 2015

Roundtable on Human Rights & Tourism

swisspeace attended this event, organized by Fair Unterwegs in Frankfurt. More information.

18 - 19 May, 2015

Harnessing Tourism’s power as an agent for promoting tolerance, understanding and dialogue between peoples, cultures and Civilizations

Rina Alluri participated as a panelist in the Workshop at the 3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue. More information .

5 - 6 May 2015

Business for Peace Summit, Oslo

swisspeace attended this event and participated in a workshop of the ‘Business for Peace Indicators Project’, which swisspeace supports as a member of the Advisory Group. More information.

30 March 2015

Investing in a Region of Transition: Development, Business and Peace in the Middle East and North Africa

MENA Initiative at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. A discussion and contribution of the panelists to review issues and linkages of investment and development, business and peace, and to provide a framework for understanding both the positive and negative roles that business can play in situations of conflict. Organized by Geneva International Cooperation. More information