Business & Peace

The overarching goal of the swisspeace Business & Peace Program is to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between the activities of business actors, conflict prevention and conflict transformation. The Business & Peace team conducts research and generates knowledge on the potentials and limitations of business engagement in peacebuilding. Our strategies and guidelines for the private sector enable the inclusion of business actors in conflict prevention and transformation efforts in a constructive way. We cooperate closely with the Business Advisory Board of swisspeace, which includes representatives from companies of different sectors, branches and sizes. We assist companies in identifying the conflict-related risks of their operations and in developing adequate conflict sensitive business practices. In academic and policy-oriented workshops and roundtables, we advance domestic and international debates and build/raise awareness of the need for conflict sensitivity in the business sector.

Latest Activities and Publications

Mandate for Danzer, 2013

Conflict Analysis in the Congo Basin, 2013

KTI has funded the development of a conflict sensitivity manual for Danzer in order to implement sustainable conflict resolution standards for Danzer's operation in the Congo Basin. The 2013 Manual has been updated and re-released in 2015 with a specific Guidance Note 9 on "The right to land, territories and access to natural resources". Download the file in English or French.

Posluschny-Treuner, Myra, 2014

Landgrabbing. Landnahmen in historischer und globaler Perspektive (Review)

Englert, Birgit/Gräber, Barbara (Hg.). 2014. Landgrabbing. Landnahmen in historischer und globaler Perspektive. Wien: new academic press. 232 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-7003-1895-8. In: Stichproben - Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien. 27/2014, p. 122-129.

14 January 2015

Engaging the Private Sector in conflict affected and fragile environments

Rina Alluri participated in Experts Workshop organized by The International Dialogue Secretariat of the OECD/DAC in Paris.

Damiano de Felice and Andreas Graf, 2015

The Potential of National Action Plans to Implement Human Rights Norms: An Early Assessment with Respect to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Journal of Human Rights Practice, 2015. Link.

12-13 December 2014

CAS thematic block on Business, Conflict and Peacebuilding

At this thematic block, facilitated by Andreas Graf, participants explored the role of business actors in violent conflicts and peace processes. More information on the CAS in Civilian Peacebuilding.