swisspeace offers both standardized and tailor-made trainings for NGOs, Governments and International Organizations.

swisspeace also organises a course on Business, Conflict & Peace at the University of Basel.

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The Business & Peace program conducts policy-relevant research and disseminates publications on the topic. Several of the policy-oriented projects are mandated by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs' Human Security Division.

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Business & Peace offers consultancy services for government agencies, private businesses as well as non-governmental organizations to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of their business-related activities. Our consultancy services focus on in-depth political context analyses, risk reduction strategies, and conflict impact trainings.

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swisspeace organizes regular events on topics related to Business & Peace. The program, in cooperation with the Centre for Peacebuilding KOFF, also provides a platform for Swiss governmental and non-state actors for joint learning processes and strategy development in the area ofStatehood & Conflict.

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The Business & Peace program publishes scientific and policy contribution on various aspects of the topic.

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