Dealing with the Past

Dealing with a legacy of gross human rights violations is one of the greatest challenges facing societies in the aftermath of violent conflict. Research suggests that there is a relationship between the ability to address this legacy in a comprehensive and inclusive manner and the potential to develop sustainable peace. swisspeace uses the technical term "Dealing with the Past" to underline that this is a long-term process that involves a wide range of activities, including initiatives to address root causes of conflict.

Latest Activities and Publications

03 April 2014

EPLO Civil Society Dialogue Network Policy Meeting

Elisabeth Baumgartner participated in the conference "Towards an EU Policy on Transitional Justice" organized by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office in Bruxelles. More information.

14-15 March 2014

CAS thematic block on Dealing with the Past

Briony Jones, Elisabeth Baumgartner, Alexander Mayer-Rieckh and Peter van der Auweraert gave inputs at this CAS thematic block at the swisspeace Academy in Basel. More info on the CAS in Civilian Peacebuilding.

Trudy Huskamp Peterson, 2014

The Probative Value of Archival Documents

swisspeace Essential, 2|2014. Download.

Briony Jones

The Politics of Post Conflict Justice in Comparative Perspective

Seminar, spring semester 2014, University of Basel. Details.

Briony Jones, Elisabeth Baumgartner, Vesna Teršelic, Nora Refaeil and Jonathan Sisson, 2014

Acquittal of Gotovina and Haradinaj

swisspeace Working Paper, 1|2014, January 2014, ISBN 978-3-908230-89-2. Order / download.