Dealing with the Past

Dealing with a legacy of gross human rights violations is one of the greatest challenges facing societies in the aftermath of violent conflict. Research suggests that there is a relationship between the ability to address this legacy in a comprehensive and inclusive manner and the potential to develop sustainable peace. swisspeace uses the technical term "Dealing with the Past" to underline that this is a long-term process that involves a wide range of activities, including initiatives to address root causes of conflict.

Latest Activities and Publications

Briony Jones, 2014

Ensuring a political space for conflict by applying Chantal Mouffe to post-war reconstruction and development

in: Progress in Development Studies, July 2014, 14(3): 249-259. Link.

Briony Jones and Ferdinand von Habsburg-Lothringen, 2014

Reconciliation in South Sudan in the context of the current crisis

Critical Reflection following the KOFF Roundtable on Dealing with the Past in South Sudan. Download.

10 June 2014

KOFF Roundtable on Dealing with the Past in the African Great Lakes Region

This roundtable focused on experiences in the African Great Lakes region in order to explore the approaches of international, national and local community actors to dealing with the past and the tensions inherent in determining priorities for building peace. With Wendy Lambourne and Briony Jones. Program.

Mandate for HSD of FDFA, 2014

Regional course on Dealing with the Past

Within the "Archives and Dealing with the Past" project, swisspeace conducted a regional workshop focussing on Dealing with the Past issues in the African Great Lakes Region. Burundi, 02 - 06 June 2014. More info.

SRF 4, 01 June 2014

Wenn die internationale Justiz die Versöhnung behindert

Following their keynote inputs at a KOFF roundtable, Zadi Zadi Patrick Anderson and Adou Djan√© Dit Fatogoma provided insights on Dealing with the Past in the Ivory Coast in the radio program Echo der Zeit. Link. Video of the Roundtable.