Dealing with the Past Events

swisspeace organizes regular events on topics related to dealing with the past and archives. The program, in cooperation with the Centre for Peacebuilding KOFF, also provides a platform for Swiss governmental and non-state actors for joint learning processes and strategy development in the area of Dealing with the Past.


Recent Events

4 April 2017

Roundtable on Transitional Justice

This roundtable entitled "From Transitional Justice to Transformative Justice? Linking Dealing with the Past and Societal Transformation" concluded that transitional justice must be more future oriented in order to create public spaces where a societal transformation could take place.

16 March 2017

KOFF roundtable on "War of Trauma or Trauma of War"

This KOFF roundtable discussed the issues of traumas and war in the context of the Ukrainian conflict.

10 March 2017

Conflict-generated diaspora and Dealing with the Past Processes

Julie Bernath gave an input on "Conflict-generated diaspora and dealing with the past processes" at the NADEL Course "Migration - eine Herausforderung für die IZA" at the Center for Development and Cooperation at the ETH Zurich.

28 October 2016

"Audio-Visuelle Dokumente in der Vergangenheitsarbeit – Entwicklungen, Nutzen, Herausforderungen"

Elisabeth Baumgartner from swisspeace gave a speech about the topic of dealing with the past with audiovisual documents at the ICRC-confernce “Act Global – Archive Local".

6-7 October 2016

International Expert Working Meeting: Safe havens for archives at risk

At this international expert working meeting at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, the goal was to convene sending and receiving institutions as well as experts and practitioners to jointly discuss the needs, challenges, good practice and the way forward of safe havens for archives at risk. The expert meeting was organized by swisspeace in cooperation with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

26-28 September 2016

Workshop on Memorialization

swisspeace participated in a workshop on memorialization in Tunisia organized by the Tunisian Truth and Dignity Commission and UNDP.

2 June 2016

Expert roundtable: Switzerland as safe haven for archives at risk?

The roundtable “Switzerland as safe havens for archives at risk?” was organized by swisspeace in collaboration with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Federal Archives in the scope of the “Archives and Dealing with the Past” project. For more information consult the website or read the report (full version / short version in German and French).

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