Dealing with the Past: Conceptual Framework

Dealing with the legacy of violent conflict is a long-term process that involves a wide range of activities, including initiatives to address root causes of conflict. In order to (re-)establish fundamental trust and accountability in society, there is a need to acknowledge publicly the abuses that have taken place, to hold those responsible who have planned, ordered, and committed such violations, and to rehabilitate and compensate victims. This process of Dealing with the Past is a pre-requisite for social and political reconciliation.

Outgoing from the report of the "Report on the Question of the Impunity of Perpetrators of Human Rights Violations" by UN Special Rapporteur Louis Joinet, and subsequent reports, swisspeace designed, together with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), a conceptual framework that is an attempt to summarize and visualize a holistic approach to Dealing with the Past.

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Guarantee of Non-RecurrenceRight to JusticeRight to ReparationRight to Know

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© swisspeace/FDFA 2006, inspired by the Joinet/Orentlicher Principles.

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