Dealing with the Past Publications

Altanian Melanie, 2017

Archives against Genocide Denialism? Challenges to the Use of Archives in Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation

swisspeace Working Paper 1 | 2017, Januar 2017, ISBN 978-3-906841-04-5. Order / download.

Briony Jones, 2016

Analysing Resistance to Transitional Justice: What can we Learn from Hybridity?

In: Conflict and Society, Special issue on ‘Resistance to Transitional Justice’, Vol 2 (1): pp 74-86.

Julie Bernath, Sandra Rubli, 2016

Exploring the Nexus of Resistance, Power and Legitimacy in Transitional Justice

In: Conflict & Society, Special Issue on ‘Resistance to Transitional Justice’ edited by Briony Jones and Thomas Brudholm, Vol. 2 (1): pp. 87-103.

Briony Jones and Thomas Brudholm, 2016

Introduction: Rethinking Resistance to Transitional Justice

In: Conflict and Society, Special issue on ‘Resistance to Transitional Justice’,  Vol. 2 (1): pp. 68-73.

Sandra Rubli and Elisabeth Baumgartner, 2016

Gender and Dealing with the Past

swisspeace Essential 4|2016 (new edition). Download the Essential in Arabic and English.

swisspeace, 2016

Observation of the criminal case related to the 2011 incidents in Yalisika, DR Congo

The report covers the trial observation of the first instance criminal trial against Colonel Koyo et al in the Yalisika case. The trial lasted from June 2015 to December 2015 and was heard by the Military Court of the Équateur Province in Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Trial observation report.

Julie Bernath, 2016

Transitional Justice in Kambodscha: Die späte strafrechtliche Aufarbeitung des Khmer Rouge Regimes

In: Mihr, A., Pickel, S., Pickel, G. (co-eds.) Handbuch Transitional Justice: Aufarbeitung von Unrecht, Rechtstaatlichkeit und Demokratie. Springer, Wiesbaden.

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