Gender & Peacebuilding

Men and women have different roles to play in conflict and peace processes because they are affected by conflict in differing ways. swisspeace promotes the view that the gender-specific dimensions of conflict and peacebuilding have to be taken into account in all peace processes; otherwise, these processes will lack substance and legitimacy, which may jeopardize their sustainability. This imperative is reflected in  UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) and follow-up Resolutions (1820, 1888, 1889 and 1960) on "Women, Peace and Security".

Latest Activities and Publications

4 June 2015

KOFF Roundtable on Peacebuilding from Beijing to now – A Woman Leader’s Perspective

KOFF Roundtable on "Peacebuilding from Beijing to now – A Woman Leader’s Perspective" with the participation of Irene M. Santiago, Philippine activist for peace and gender equality, invited by TERRE DES FEMMES Switzerland as part of the series of event VOIX DES FEMMES. Further information.

02 May 2015

Annual meeting of Women for Peace, Switzerland

With the participation of Annemarie Sancar (KOFF). A summary of her presentation has been published in "Frauenstimme" 2015/2 (p. 17-19). To access the publication [in German only], please click here.

10 April - 02 May, 2015

Training course: women in peacebuilding

swisspeace led a course on the role of women in peacebuilding at the GCSP for a group of participants from Myanmar. The course was part of the Myanmar Training Course on International Relations, Governance and Public Participation.

13-17 April 2015

CAS Gender Equality & Peacebuilding Course

This course reflects on concepts and methodologies for understanding gender dimensions of conflict and their relevance in peacebuilding, and the impact of peacebuilding on gender relations. The course also focuses on key issues for post-conflict transformation of gender relations in economic, social, legal and political spheres as well as on the role of women’s agency, women’s rights, masculinities and the implication. More information

27 March 2015

Sicherheit und Friedenspolitik - Wie gehören sie zusammen und welche Rolle spielt Gender?

A discussion between three young Swiss politicians and Annemarie Sancar (KOFF). Link.