Mediation has become a very prominent way of dealing with protracted and violent conflicts. swisspeace supports mediators and conflict parties in gaining knowledge and skills for effective dialogue and negotiations with the aim to make peace processes more legitimate. Therefore, the Mediation Program undertakes research, provides expert support such as workshop and concept development, and conducts trainings on strategy development, skills training or one-on-one coaching including for the United Nations, the EU and the FDFA.

The biggest project of the Mediation Program at swisspeace currently is:

The Mediation Support Project (MSP) helps the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Political Division IV) building its mediation capacity. The MSP is a joint venture between swisspeace and the Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich. Learn more

Latest Activities and Publications

Center for International Peace Operations ZIF, 2017

Mediation and Diplomacy Coaching

swisspeace, the European Institute for Peace and the UN Standby Mediations Team contributed to a peer coaching for German diplomats and members of parliaments organized by the Centre for International Peace Operations ZIF. More information

29 February - 4 March 2017

National Dialogue & Peace Mediation Course

The swisspeace course took place at the University of Basel. It explored how to design and implement effective national dialogues. About the course

SRF, 1 March 2017

"Welche Sitzordnung führt zum Frieden?"

The Swiss radio station SRF 4 News interviewed Laurent Goetschel about mediation. Listen (in German)

swisspeace, CEG, 2017

Case Study on Guatemala - Observations and Reflections on the Negotiation and National Dialogue Process

In-depth case study of the Handbook National Dialogue. Download the case study in English and Spanish.

swisspeace, Bishnu Raj Upreti, Bishnu Sapkota, 2017

Case Study on Nepal - Observations and Reflections on the Peace and Constitution-Making Process

In-depth case study of the Handbook National Dialogue. Download.