Mediation has become an increasingly prominent way of dealing with protracted, oftentimes violent, conflicts. It is a complex political endeavor that requires patience and perseverance. Mediators work in teams and rely on professional support structures. Many actors in mediation (e.g. United Nations, African Union or Switzerland) have set up their own mediation support units, which help their mediators to be as effective as possible. swisspeace has been actively involved in mediation and dialog for many years. The swisspeace Mediation Program provides training for diplomats, UN staff, mediators and representatives of conflict parties, and supports them behind the scenes to boost the chances of successful and sustainable peace processes.

Latest Activities and Publications

7-19 June 2015

Peace Mediation Course 2015

PMC is a specialized training course for practitioners. The training platform is offered by the Mediation Support Project (MSP), a joint venture between swisspeace, Berne and the Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich. MSP is funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Course Program 2015.

2 - 4 June 2015

International Conference on Mediation

The International Conference on Mediation was co-hosted by the Centre for Mediation in Africa, the Global South Unit on Mediation and swisspeace. More information and program.

3 - 4 June 2015

Negotiation training course

swisspeace led a course on negotiation at the GCSP. The course was part of the 16th New Issues in Security Course (NISC): Mapping the Contemporary Security Environment to Meet Future Challenges.

Gasser, Rachel; Federer, Julia; Siegfried, Matthias, 2015

Letters to a Young Mediator

A collection of 10 letters, each the product of personal reflection from some of the great mediators of our time. To get a copy, please contact us.

8 June 2015

Academic Mediation Conference

The event, held in South Africa, was co-organized by swisspeace. It might be planned in the future in form of a yearly conference. The main topics were norms and mediation, complexity theory and mediation, culture and religion and mediation.