The Many Peace Processes in Myanmar. How Can International Actors Best Support Local Peace Initiatives?
swisspeace Roundtable
June 7, 2012.

Combating Impunity in Sudan - at what costs? The ICC's charges against Sudanese President al-Bashir.
swisspeace Roundtable
September 24, 2008. KOFF-Newsletter Article

"What are the pros, cons and complementary roles of "insider/partial" versus "outsider/neutral" mediators? Learning From the Experience of an Insider Mediator in the Nepal Peace Process: Padma Ratna Tuladhar".
MSP Mediation Talk on facilitation in the Nepal peace process.
June 11, 2008. KOFF-Newsletter Article

Tidying up the Mediation Mess? The potential of ethical guidelines and professional
Standards for peace mediation
Bern, November 21, 2007.

How can NGOs mediate in violent conflicts? The example of Sant'Egidio
Bern, May 1, 2006. KOFF-Newsletter Article

Internationale Mediation in der Friedensförderung
swisspeace Podiumsgespräch
Aarau, May 4, 2006.

Mediation and Facilitation as Tools in Conflict Transformation: A Mexican Case Study
Bern, April 1, 2006. KOFF-Newsletter Article

The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)
Presentation of mediation activities
Bern, December 20, 2006. Info

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