29 February - 4 March 2017

National Dialogue & Peace Mediation Course

The swisspeace course took place at the University of Basel. It explored how to design and implement effective national dialogues. About the course

November 2016

Facilitation, Mediation and Dialogue Training in Nepal

The Centre for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich (CSS) and swisspeace organized, under the framework of the Mediation Support Project (MSP), a five-days training for facilitators in Nepal. The ‘Facilitation, Mediation and Dialogue Training for Young Facilitators’ aimed at preparing a new generation of facilitators within the Nepal Transition to Peace-Institute (NTTP-I) for their future role in facilitating dialogues between conflict parties on all levels of society in Nepal.

1-6 May 2016

Course on Comprehensive Peacebuilding for the 21st Century

The GCSP and swisspeace conducted this course on Comprehensive Peacebuilding for the 21st Century. The course took place 1-6 May 2016. Link. 

7-19 June 2015

Peace Mediation Course 2015

PMC is a specialized training course for practitioners. The training platform is offered by the Mediation Support Project (MSP), a joint venture between swisspeace, Berne and the Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich. MSP is funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Course Program 2015.

3 - 4 June 2015

Negotiation training course

swisspeace led a course on negotiation at the GCSP. The course was part of the 16th New Issues in Security Course (NISC): Mapping the Contemporary Security Environment to Meet Future Challenges.

10 April - 02 May, 2015

Training course: women in peacebuilding

swisspeace led a course on the role of women in peacebuilding at the GCSP for a group of participants from Myanmar. The course was part of the Myanmar Training Course on International Relations, Governance and Public Participation.

Mandate for UN Women, 2015

Training of Trainers on Women and Peacebuilding Processes in Myanmar

swisspeace, alongside the Nyein (Shalom) Foundation and UN Women, organized a successful first Training of Trainers (10 – 17 March) for Myanmar women involved in peacebuilding processes in Myanmar. A Training of Trainers manual was also developed, and is available for future training sessions in English and Burmese. More information

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