Policy and Platform

The Policy and Platform Program creates space for peacebuilding practitioners and partners from different domains including peacebuilding, development cooperation, humanitarian aid and the security sector to discuss burning issues, to support transformative thinking and action for change. The objective is to develop strategic alternatives, policy recommendations and joint initiatives for peace. Prominent dialogue platforms such as the Center for Peacebuilding (KOFF), the Civic Solidarity Platform, the Basel Peace Forum or the Swiss parliamentary group on peacebuilding are at the heart of this program. These multi-stakeholder processes promote and facilitate communication initiatives to increase support for peace policy and peacebuilding among Swiss politicians and the wider public.

The biggest project of the Policy and Platform Program at swisspeace currently is:

The Swiss platform for peacebuilding (KOFF) is a dialogue, exchange and networking platform connecting Swiss state and non-state actors working in the field of peacebuilding. Its mission is to ensure that Swiss peacebuilding activities are strengthened, relevant and visible. Learn more


Another project of the P&P Program at swisspeace currently is:

The Basel Peace Forum intends to inspire new and unconventional ideas for peacebuilding. About 120 decision-makers from business, diplomacy, academia and civil society from 20 countries met on 15 and 16 January 2017 in Basel to rethink peace. The discussions led to the recommendations to world leaders to take up responsibility for peace. The next Basel Peace Forum will be in 2018. Learn more

Latest Activities and Publications

1 September 2017

Extractive industries and peacebuilding

à propos – The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine N° 152  English / German / French.

Guido Eguigure Borjas, Anna Leissing, 2017

Espacio de Acción de la Sociedad Civil en Honduras

swisspeace Essential 1/2017. Download the Essential in English and Spanish.

25 August, 2017

KOFF roundtable

KOFF Zentralamerika Rundtisch zum Thema: Guatemala und Honduras: das Schweizer Engagement vor Ort und auf internationaler Ebene.

Sidonia Gabriel, Anna Leissing, 2017

Frieden? Menschenrechte? Oder doch das Geschäft?

In the framework of the NGO Platform's discussion of the coherence of the Swiss foreign policy we wrote a paper on Peace, Human Rights and Business (in German). The full report can be accessed here.

1 June 2017

What future for the Horn of Africa?

à propos - The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine dedicated its June 2017 edition to the difficult situation in the Horn of Africa. The members organization of KOFF described their activities in the region and how they hoped to stabilize the fragile states. English / French / German