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KOFF Publications before 2009

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and Mediation Support Project (MSP), 2009.
Dealing with the Past in Peace Mediation
Peace Mediation Essentials, Mediation Support Project (MSP). download

Sisson, Jonathan (ed.), 2007.
Dealing with the Past in Post-Conflict Societies: Ten Years after the Peace Accords - in Guatemala and Bosnia - Herzegovina
swisspeace Conference Paper 1| 2007. download

Huber, Peter and Cordula Reimann, 2006.
Annotated bibliography on non-state armed groups
swisspeace. download

Bleeker, Mô and Jonathan Sisson (eds.), 2004.
Dealing with the Past. Critical Issues, Lessons Learned, and Challenges for Future Swiss Policy
swisspeace Working Paper 2| 2004. download

Chernick, Marc W. et al, 2003.
Colombia: Conflict Analysis and Options for Peacebuilding Assessing Possibilites for Further Swiss Contributions
swisspeace Working Paper 1| 2003. download

Spurk, Christoph, 2002.
Media and Peacebuilding. Concepts, Actors and Challenges
swisspeace Working Paper 1| 2002. download

KOFF, 2002.
Media and Peacebuilding
Workshop Report. June 2002. download

Barnett, R. Rubin et al., 2001.
Afghanistan. Reconstruction and Peacebuilding in a Regional Framework
KOFF Peacebuilding Report 1/2001. download

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