Recent KOFF activities


1 September 2016

Arms Trade: Controversy and Opportunities

à propos – The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine N° 147  English / German / French.

26 august 2016

KOFF Roundtable on Guatemala and Honduras

KOFF organized a roundtable on space for civil society in Guatemala and Honduras, with the participation of Swiss Ambassador to Guatemala and Honduras Jürg Benz. The roundtable was successful and very well attended. It took place for the third year in a row. This helped build up confidence and a better understanding among the participants.

5 July 2016

Podium Discussion on Working in Conflict Contexts

Is it possible to contribute to the development of a country where there is no state? How can we work on a long-term basis in a country affected by conflict? What difficulties do development organizations face? Sidonia Gabriel, KOFF director, took part in a podium discussion that looked at these issues.

1 July 2016

What's Next for Mali?

à propos – The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine N° 146  English / German / French.

swisspeace, cfd, PWAG, Frauen für den Frieden, 2016

Women, Peace, Security - reloaded

Alternative report from a civil society and gender perspective on the National Action Plan 1325 on gender, peace and security. Impulse for actors in politics, administration and civil society. Download the report in English and German.