Recent KOFF activities


14 December 2007

Security and Justice in Guatemala - 10 Years of Peace? The Results of a PBI Study


KOFF roundtable on Guatemala with Katia Aeby (PBI Switzerland) and Lukas Heinzer (PA IV).

15 November 2007

The Situation of Civil Society Organizations in Sudan

KOFF roundtable on Sudan.

29 October 2007

Sudan's Peace Negotiations and the Sharing of (Oil) Resources

KOFF roundtable on Sudan with Marina Peter. 

12 September 2007

Switzerland's commitments in Guatemala and the West Balkans

KOFF roundtable on Guatemala and South-Eastern Europe with Geri Müller (National councilor and vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Commission) and Stephan Husy (FDFA).

22 June 2007

Dealing with the Past in Kosovo

KOFF roundtable on South-Eastern Europe with Roland Salvisberg (FDFA) and Jonathan Sisson (KOFF).