Statehood & Conflict

Dynamics of state formation are intrinsically linked to the history of conflicts. The swisspeace Statehood & Conflict Program works on democracy promotion mandates, and conducts research and training on violent conflict, fragility and statebuilding in conflict and post-conflict contexts, including methodologies actors can adopt to work successfully in such environments.

Latest Activities and Publications

Daniel Maxwell, Martina Santschi and Rachel Gordon, 2014

Looking back to look ahead? Reviewing key lessons from Operation Lifeline Sudan and past humanitarian operations in South Sudan

Working Paper, Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, October 2014. Link.

Martina Santschi, Leben Moro, Philip Dau, Rachel Gordon and Daniel Maxwell, 2014

Livelihoods, access to services and perceptions of governance: An analysis of Pibor county, South Sudan from the perspective of displaced people

Working Paper, Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, September 2014. Link.

11 - 12 September 2014

Third Annual Conference of the IAPCS

Several swisspeace experts participated in the Third Annual Conference of the International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies in Manchester an presented their papers. More information.

Mandate for Gerda Henkell Stiftung 2014

Research project on South Sudan

In collaboration with Cherry Leonardy of University of Durham, swisspeace researcher Martina Santschi conducted a project on land governance and conflict resolution in South Sudan.

Human Security Division of the FDFA, 2013-2014

Backstopping for Councils of Traditional Authority Leaders (COTALs) in South Sudan

Support to Swiss government in its policy towards traditional authorities in Southern Sudan and their potential for peacebuilding within the framework of the Councils of Traditional Authority Leaders (COTAL).