Statehood & Conflict

Dynamics of state formation are intrinsically linked to the history of conflicts. The swisspeace Statehood & Conflict Program works on democracy promotion mandates, and conducts research and training on violent conflict, fragility and statebuilding in conflict and post-conflict contexts, including methodologies actors can adopt to work successfully in such environments.

Latest Activities and Publications

Hellmüller, Sara, 2014

Que signifie la paix en République Démocratique du Congo : des perspectives locales sur les stratégies internationales

Annuaire français de Relations Internationales, Vol. XV

Mandate for VW Stiftung

Youth and Politics in Angola

Within the scholarship of Koné Gnangadjomon financed by the VW Stiftung, he and Didier Péclard conducted research on youth and politics in Angola.

17 November 2014

The Transformation of Intractable Conflicts

Conference Report on "The Transformation of Intractable Conflicts - Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving" with a contribution by Sidonia Gabriel The conference was organized at the Herbert C. Kelman Institute. Download.

15 November 2014

Symposium on Fragile States

Sidonia Gabriel participated at a thematical symposium on Fragile states and their impact on cooperation in Lugano, organised by the Federazione delle ONG della Svizzera italiana (FOSIT). More information.

14 November 2014

Any lessons from Operation Lifeline Sudan?

Report by IRIN on lessons that can be learned from the Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) experience. Link.