Statehood & Conflict

Dynamics of state formation are intrinsically linked to the history of conflicts. The swisspeace Statehood & Conflict Program works on democracy promotion mandates, and conducts research and training on violent conflict, fragility and statebuilding in conflict and post-conflict contexts, including methodologies actors can adopt to work successfully in such environments.

Latest Activities and Publications

15-19 June 2015

Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance Network (DDLGN) meeting

swisspeace participated in the International meeting of the Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance Network (DDLGN) in Pemba, Mozambique and presented the results of their learning project.

15 June 2015

State, Services, and Livelihoods in the Great Lakes Region

swisspeace took part in this Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Event in Nairobi, hosted by the Rift Valley Institute. More information.

Santschi, Martina; Maxwell, Daniel; Moro, Leben (et al.), 2015

Questions and Challenges Raised by a Large-Scale Humanitarian Operation in South Sudan

A collaboration between swisspeace and the Secure Livelihood Research Consortium. Find the report here.

P├ęclard, Didier; Mechoulan, Delphine, 2015

Rebel Governance and the Politics of Civil War

swisspeace Working Paper, 1|2015, May 2015, ISBN 978-3-908230-96-0. Order / download.

Dominik Balthasar, 2015

From Hybridity to Standardization: Rethinking State-Making in Contexts of Fragility

Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 2015. Link.