Statehood & Conflict

Dynamics of state formation are intrinsically linked to the history of conflicts. swisspeace conducts research on the day-to-day practices of states in conflict and post-conflict contexts. The goal is to understand how new forms of statehood emerge as the result of negotiation processes between local, national and international actors.

Latest Activities and Publications

Mandate for SDC, 2014

Governance in Myanmar

Mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), swisspeace supports developing a new project on governance in Myanmar

25 June 2014

Conference on the 2015 General Elections in Burundi

At this conference organized by the Statehood & Conflict program at swisspeace, Prof. Julien Nimubona shared his view on the current situation in Burundi and the prospects for next year's General Elections to take place in peaceful way. Program.

Didier Péclard, 2014

Bringing Politics Back. Comments on M. Dahinden’s "Democracy Promotion at a Local Level"

In: International Development Policy 5.2/2014. Link.

27-28 May 2014

Anti-Corruption Agencies in Post-conflict Contexts: An Analytical Framework

Paper presented by Sergio Gemperle at the third ISP Network Conference in Geneva.

Sara Hellmüller, 2014

A story of mutual adaptation? The interaction between local and international peacebuilding actors in Ituri

In: Peacebuilding 2:2, pp. 188-201. Link.