Weak institutions and state collapse are considered a stumbling block on the road to development and an obstacle to peacebuilding. Yet, dynamics of state formation are intrinsically linked to the history of conflicts.  Understanding the way states and societies operate in fragile and conflict-affected countries is of central relevance for research and practice. By analyzing the day-to-day practices of states in conflict and post-conflict contexts swisspeace tries to understand how new forms of statehood and governance emerge as the result of negotiation processes between local, national and international actors. The Statehood Program provides consultancy services to partners and conducts research and training on violent conflict, fragility and state building.

Latest Activities and Publications

Dominik Balthasar, 2017

State-making at Gunpoint: The Role of Violent Conflict in Somaliland’s March to Statehood

Civil Wars, 19(1): 65-86. Link

Secure Livelihood Research Consortium

Findings of the SLRC from 2011-2017

Martina Santschi wrote extensively for the SLRC. Her latest contribution can be accessed here and the overall findings of the project are accessible here.

Leben Moro, Martina Santschi, Rachel Gordon, Philip Dau and Daniel Maxwell, 2017

Statebuilding and legitimacy: experiences of South Sudan

SLRC Research Report. More information and download

SWR2, 11 May 2017

"Politische und wirtschaftliche Stabilität als Zukunftsziel - Internationale Somalia Konferenz in London"

Dominik Balthasar was interviewed by Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk 2 (SWR2) on the meaning of the Somalia Conference in London and what the chances are for more stability in Somalia. He concluded that what Somalia needs most are economical and political perspectives that do not stay theoretical but become practice. Listen to it in german here.

Project funded by DFID, the Swiss FDFA and the Embassy of Canada, 2016-2018

Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility South Sudan

swisspeace together with Saferworld and CDA have been implementing the Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility (CSRF) to develop and test innovative approaches to conflict sensitivity in order to support the use of conflict sensitivity in donor strategies and programs in South Sudan. Several conflict sensitivity trainings and coaching have been organized. Project website; Research repository