Trainings & Teachings

The Statehood and Conflict Program provides a range of practical training and academic teaching activities.

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The Statehood & Conflict program is home to three research projects that look from different angles at how state and non-state institutions of social and political regulation are formed, how they change over time and how they interact with conflict. The Program participates in academic conferences and provides academic and policy publications.

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swisspeace provides tailor made services to actors working in post-conflict settings where social and political structures have a significant influence on the outcome of interventions and vice versa. Based on in-depth knowledge gathered through field research and on the conceptual reflections developed on the dynamics of states in conflict settings, swisspeace provides support to organizations that implement projects with local authorities in fragile contexts. Our services range from contract research to program- or project-based consulting and evaluation in topics such as decentralization, elections, post-conflict state rebuilding and the role traditional authorities. 

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swisspeace organizes regular events on topics related to Statehood & Conflict. The program, in cooperation with the Centre for Peacebuilding KOFF, also provides a platform for Swiss governmental and non-state actors for joint learning processes and strategy development in the area of Statehood & Conflict.

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The Statehood & Conflict program publishes scientific and policy contribution on various aspects of the topic.

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